Structure Therapy

At Structure Therapy, site specific work is the key to making an actual change in how your muscles feel and perform.  The body can heal itself if you only provide it the path to do so.

Structure Therapy is a Therapeutic Bodywork Modality combining “Deep” soft tissue release with modified myofascial stretching.  By lengthening restricted muscle fibers and balancing the fascial casing, proper function is restored to the musculature.  Anatomically precise techniques are used with hands, elbows and forearms.  Structure Therapy is used for postural imbalances, as well as visually symmetrical muscular imbalances caused by shortened or overdeveloped muscles.  Shortened muscles are painful muscles.  Structure Therapy releases and repairs muscles, so you can recover.

Typical Massage Therapy sessions focus on the whole body with limited time spent on each pain or complaint.  This approach would take far too many sessions to resolve a specific issue.  You come in for pain relief, so why not focus on the problem?  That is what Structure Therapy does; focuses on the problem three-dimensionally and then the areas contributing to the problem.

A typical Structure Therapy session consists of balancing and restoring health to site specific soft tissue problems.

Special techniques based off of extensive research are used.  Many active release techniques are used, in conjunction with, manual therapy, triggerpoint therapy, and multiple forms of myofascial release.

Therapeutic cupping and or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) “Scraping” could also be used to address your specific problems and further your pain relief.

The key to success is working the tissues precisely and with intent.  Strong pressure is used, but only where needed!  Often, if you can handle more pressure, your pain can be resolved sooner.  However, the pressure is always within each client’s tolerance.  If you have a low pain tolerance, the process is slower, but can still be very successful.

The goal is to treat the injury and help your body repair itself.

So many pains and potential surgeries can be prevented if the CORRECT bodywork is applied!  This is where Structure Therapy is the difference…


It’s not “massage”, it’s Structure Therapy

Brock Winspear: Owner, Structure Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist (License number: MT-27129)

Brock graduated from Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu School & Clinic in St. Louis Park, MN in 2014.  He attended the Therapeutic Massage Program.

Brock practices Structure Therapy, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Cupping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) “Scraping, Facial Rejuvenation Cupping, Cellulite Reduction Cupping, Abdominal Cupping, Prenatal Massage, and Chair Massage.

“I’m the youngest of 5 kids.  When I was little, my older brothers would come home from roofing or construction jobs and they would be in pain.  They would ask me to massage their neck and shoulders, or back, or feet, or whatever was bothering them that particular day.  This became a somewhat regular thing and they would often pay me with a jar of change.  I was a little kid at the time.  I thought it was fun to spend time with my older brothers and make some money at the same time.  Plus, I was often able to help them out of pain.”

Brock was a food server for 5 years prior to getting into bodywork.  During that time, he suffered a significant shoulder injury and multiple torn leg muscles.  His left shoulder was about 2 inches higher than it should have been before he realized that he had a problem.  Also, he was getting a sporadic numbness and tingling down the front and side of his upper leg.

While in school for massage, it was all he could do to learn to solve his shoulder problem and the pain in his leg.  Once he started having success helping people out of pain, he knew that was exactly what he wanted to do with his life.  That is exactly why he opened Structure Therapy, to help people out of pain.

His work is focused on pain relief, postural imbalances, and limited range of motion.  It’s therapeutic deep tissue, site specific work.  Relaxation is not what Brock does.  You go to see Brock if you are in pain, have some sort of ailment, or postural imbalance.  He will focus on your pain and what could be causing it, or contributing to it getting worse.  He will point you in the right direction of things that you can do on your own to help alleviate your pain or prevent it from flaring up as quickly.

A lot of times, it is our habits that get us into trouble.  Sleeping, driving, and work space are three of our worst habits that contribute to our painful problems.  Besides the bodywork itself, Brock can help you make modifications to some of your habits that might just further help you out of pain.

“My main goal is to help you out of pain or minimize your main complaints.  After that, I work to address the areas that are contributing to the problem.  A lot of our pain and imbalances are 3-dimensional.  For example, if you are having a shoulder problem, it’s not just between the shoulder blades and the top of the shoulder.  It’s likely the top of the shoulder pulling up into the neck, the back of the shoulder, under the shoulder blade, that whole side of the back, the front of the shoulder, the chest, the arm, and even into the armpit.  How is that problem shoulder affecting the rest of your body?  Often the opposite low back and hip become a problem, or you have all one-sided pain.  These are the types of postural imbalances that I will address at the same time that I work to minimize your pain.  It is often best to work a problem as 3-dimensionally  as possible.  That is usually the most effective.  A lot of times, people come to me a few times sooner than later.  Once we can minimize the pain, then I’ll continue to address things more 3-dimensionally and get to the other areas of the body that have been compensating or contributing to the pain.  When things are better under control, we start spacing the appointments out to figure out what is maintenance for you.”

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