Contact Us

Phone:       (763)447-9213

Address:   6671 E Baseline Road Unit 107 Suite 133

Mesa, AZ 85206 (Inside of Phenix Salon Suites)

Also servicing Mesa, Arizona area in.  Structure Therapy is no longer in Maple Grove, Minnesota. 

Schedule an appointment at the new location or in the comfort of your own home!


Facebook:  Don’t forget to like Structure Therapy on Facebook to keep up with special offers, and news.


Office Hours:  

                          Monday          8:00am-4pm      

                          Tuesday         8:00am-4pm

                          Wednesday   8:00am-4pm

                          Thursday       8:00am-4pm

                          Friday             8:00am-4pm

                          Saturday        Closed 

                          Sunday           Closed

(All hours are by appointment only).

One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, I started having trouble with one of my finger locking bent while sleeping, it would wake me up and it wouldnt straitened out on its own, I had to force it with my our hand. It would ach and then started doing it in the day time. I made an appointment with Brock for a massage and told him about my hand/finger issue. He said that there was a couple things he could do to help! I said yes please!! And it is so much better, its not locking up all day like it was, only once! I cant wait to get back in and have him work on it some more!! Thank you I had been told to get used to it! Theres nothing that can be done! So grateful for Brocks expertise and help!


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