Contact Us

Phone:       (763)447-9213

Address:   5304 E Southern Ave Suite 106 Room 6

Mesa, AZ 85206 

Structure Therapy is no longer in Maple Grove, Minnesota. 

Schedule an appointment at the new location!


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Office Hours:  

                          Monday          8:00am-4pm      

                          Tuesday         8:00am-4pm

                          Wednesday   8:00am-4pm

                          Thursday       8:00am-4pm

                          Friday             8:00am-4pm

                          Saturday        Closed 

                          Sunday           Closed

(All hours are by appointment only).

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, I started having trouble with one of my finger locking bent while sleeping, it would wake me up and it wouldnt straitened out on its own, I had to force it with my our hand. It would ach and then started doing it in the day time. I made an appointment with Brock for a massage and told him about my hand/finger issue. He said that there was a couple things he could do to help! I said yes please!! And it is so much better, its not locking up all day like it was, only once! I cant wait to get back in and have him work on it some more!! Thank you I had been told to get used to it! Theres nothing that can be done! So grateful for Brocks expertise and help!


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