Services, Prices, & Discounts


Manual Therapy/Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage/Therapeutic Cupping/IASTM “Scraping”

60 Minutes: $95.00

90 Minutes: $142.50

120 Minutes: $190.00

30 Minutes: $62.50

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping

1 Session (20 Minutes): $50.00

3 Sessions (20 Minutes Each): $140.00

Cellulite Reduction Cupping

3 Sessions (10 Minutes Each): $90.00

6 Sessions (10 Minutes Each): $170.00

Discounts for Returning Clients

Return within 2 weeks: Save $15 per hour.

Return within 3-4 weeks: Save $10 per hour.

(Discount applies accordingly toward length of appointment and excludes Facial Rejuvenation Cupping and Cellulite Reduction Cupping).

6 thoughts on “Services, Prices, & Discounts

  1. I had received work from Brock Winspear for headaches and upper back and shoulder issues. I am a massage therapist myself and was impressed with Brock’s knowledge and expertise. It wasn’t till the next day when I was working on a client that I realized just how much Brock had helped the mobility in my shoulder. And I haven’t had a headache since. I highly recommend Brock as a Massage Therapist!


  2. Getting structure therapy done by both Josh and Brock was amazing! Both very passionate about what they do and both very knowledgable on structure therapy. Being a soccer player and a therapist made me realize how structure therapy really helps me on a day to day basis. Thank you!


  3. The work Brock did for my knee pain was incredible. Not only was he able to provide relief, but explained how the shortened muscles above the knee were adding to the problem. Through deep, specific work, to release these muscles, as well as showing me exercises I could do on my own, my knee feels better than it has in years!


  4. Brock was able to give me full range of motion back around my left shoulder blade that I haven’t had for years. I’m sitting here about a month later and can still move much like the day after my session. Not to mention the pain has ceased! He is very knowledgeable and thorough, and creates lasting effects.


  5. Brock’s working on me has been instrumental with my health. I had been struggling for years and years with neck and shoulder pain from 4 car accidents. Through regular treatment, he has helped reduce the pain I experience on a daily basis. I can move about without feeling intense pain anymore. He is very intuitive and very knowledgable about the muscles and does a great job working specific areas. He’s amazing! He even helped my neighbor who thought she had to have surgery in order to get rid of her pain.


    1. I just received what I was informed on as structure therapy, and I must say I was very impressed! I have never had a massage that focused solely on the problem at hand. I came in with low back pain so severe I could not even stand straight. After Brock finished working on me not only was I able to stand straight but I was able to bend down and pick things up without feeling like my back was going to go out. I have only been in for one session but I’ve noticed a great deal of relief from it. I will definitely be returning because I am still experiencing pain, but I know that if I continue with treatments as detailed and specific as the bodywork I received from Brock, I will be back to feeling comfortable in my everyday life very soon!!


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