Call 763-447-9213 to Schedule Your Appointment!

5304 E Southern Ave Suite 106 Room 6

Mesa, AZ 85206

(Don’t let the MN area code fool you).

Phone: 763-447-9213.


                        Monday          8:00am-4pm      

                        Tuesday         8:00am-4pm

                        Wednesday   8:00am-4pm

                        Thursday       8:00am-4pm

                        Friday             8:00am-4pm

                        Saturday        Closed 

                        Sunday           Closed

(All hours are by appointment only).

I’ll meet you in the waiting area at the time of your appointment.

Structure Therapy has moved to Mesa, Arizona from Maple Grove, MN.


Structure Therapy was the top rated Therapeutic Massage business in Maple Grove, MN and the Twin Cities area from 2015-2020.  I am very proud of that and I worked really hard to get there.  It was hard to leave a thriving business.

I feel blessed that I was able to help and get to know a lot of great people.  They will all be missed!  But, it was time to get out of the cold and into the sun.

Brock Sedona Arms folded

My name is Brock Winspear.

I am happy to be in Mesa, Arizona and I am excited for the opportunity to meet and help new people!

If you experienced Structure Therapy and were happy with your treatment, please tell your friends how much you enjoyed it.  A referral is the best tip that I could receive.


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